Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Well! My very own knitting blog. How weird. I really like reading knitting blogs, and since I knit and blog, I guess it only made sense to blog about knitting. Or maybe it didn't, but everyone has one, so nyah.

You'll have to forgive me since I haven't had a public blog in a good few years. I'll probably be sarcastic, snarky, somewhat amusing and/or boring. Maybe all at the same time; we'll see.

A bit of backstory: I taught myself to knit as a freshman in college in late 2004. I ended up buying some things off a friend who was not returning to school and part of that ended up being a basket full of unlabeled acrylic yarn and some Boye straight needles. I didn't know how to knit, so I looked to the Internet.

Keep in mind this was before YouTube, so I didn't watch videos. I looked at pictures and read. It was arduous and frustrating, but eventually I figured it out. I can't remember if I ripped out the first thing I ever really knit, but since I can't find it in my closet where the knitting lives, I can only assume it went to the frog pond. I went out and bought a pair of Clover bamboo needles (size big -- 10s, maybe?) and made my first scarf. Garter stitch. Acrylic. Crappy. Seriously, I don't wear that. It acts as an (ineffective) draft blocker sometimes.

I don't have a picture of the scarf, but I think knitting blogs are much more fun with pictures, so I'll try to post at least one an entry. After that scarf, I decided to knit myself a hat. I found a free pattern online, taught myself how to decrease, and somehow managed to produce something that fit my head without so much as a single swatch made. Believe me, I can't figure it out either.

While the hat is made out of the same acrylic yarn as the scarf, I wear it much more frequently. It's not the best hat ever, but I'm darned proud of it. The second hat I made was not so successful. I haven't made a hat since. In fact, that hat might be the most complicated thing I've ever made. Four years later, that's probably pretty sad. Then again, I stopped knitting for a few years in there, so maybe it's not so sad.

Anyway, I promised a picture, and you've all been good readers and stuck with me this long, so here's a picture of said hat:


Yeah, so maybe it stretches a little, but whatever. I love it, and that's really all that matters.

Thanks for tuning in, kids. I have a lot of old projects and stories that I'd like to share, so keep an eye out for more pictures and updates. Until then, this is Nitzie, signing off.

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