Sunday, June 27, 2010

IWTMT: Cambria Wrap

Apologies, blog: this week's IWTMT is a Raverly-only exclusive. Not signed up for Raverly yet? Why not?

Anyway, remember this yarn? The yarn I got at Webs? The yarn I got at Webs with no idea what I was going to make with it? I figured 3 would be enough. Yeah, 3 will be enough. 3 would be enough to knit to the moon and back, if my research is correct.

Anyway ... it's probably bad blogging (and bad English) to start two consecutive paragraphs with the same word, but I'm a child of the 90s, so you're lucky I didn't say "whatever". Regardless of the amount of yarn, I bought it exactly because it reminded me of the new blog name. While I'd love to knit some oceany wrap with it, the variegation might block some of the detail. It's tough looking through dozens of patterns, but you know, somebody's got to do it.

Please meet the Cambria Wrap (remember, Rav-only link & download!). While not quite oceany, the description says it's variegated-yarn friendly. It also doesn't hurt that it's quite pretty! And, since it only uses about 800 yards of fingering-weight yarn and I have 1128 yards of Araucania Ranco Multy stashed, I figure I can make something coastal out of the rest of it. Oh, I love leftovers!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nothing's Changed, Just the Name

I may have just broken my blog. I'm not sure.

Ta da! I've been brainstorming a new blog name for ages. I came up with this one a while ago, and have been waiting on my husband to do the graphic work. He's busy playing WoW right now and I'm bored, so here we are.

I grew up on Long Island Sound. The ocean has always been a big part of my life. I also love thunderstorms. There's something about a beach in a storm that recharges me. I hope the new name will recharge this blog as well.

If you have been following me at, please update your bookmarks or feeds to

Sunday, June 20, 2010

IWTMT: Stained Glass Window Afghan

I warned you in my last post that the next few IWTMTs would probably not be free patterns. Going through 50 Sensational Crochet Afghans & Throws, I can already pick out at least 3 afghans I plan to feature here on the blog, so you might as well go ahead and buy the book too. :)

I know I've already featured a stained glass afghan on IWTMT, but it has a totally different look than the Stained Glass Window Afghan (the afghan featured on the book's cover). I think the Stained Glass Window Afghan might also be a bit more manageable! It's the reason I bought the book in the first place. I can't wait to bust down some stash so I can start this!

You can see a finished Stained Glass Window Afghan at the blog On My Hook, or you can check it out on Ravelry here. (Fun fact: I've had this project saved in my Ravelry favorites since September 12, 2008.)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My first KnitPicks order came today. My husband got my blocking wires from them, but this is my first order. Mine mine mine.

It all started with a ball winder. I wanted one, but my LYS had them for a very high price. Figuring it wouldn't hurt to poke around, I checked KnitPicks and they had one for $20. Sold! I like to support local, but a $50 price difference is a good motivator for the internet.

That would have been it, if I hadn't also put their knitting earrings on my Christmas wishlist and not received them. (Good job, honey.) From there, it's a very slippery slope into "I can get free shipping if I just spend $30 more!" I have a bruise from the fall.

I also got:
-50 Sensational Crochet Afghans & Throws (I forsee some not-free IWTMTs in your future)
-sock knitting needle holder (maybe this will get me to work on my socks)
-yarn cutter (now I don't have to hold the nail clippers hostage)

I managed to avoid the lure of yarn. Actually, I funded this little venture by selling some of my stash. Discontinued Kidsilk Night that I had for 2 years and did not use, you have gone to a good home. You made me enough money that I could get all this cool stuff. I can't complain about that.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

IWTMT: Plastic Bag Tote

I'm big on reusable bags. I also have a bad habit of saving my old grocery bags, though I almost never use them and always forget to bring them back to get recycled. If only there was some way I could combine all these things and make something useful ...

Oh wait, I can. Blog, meet the Plastic Bag Tote (Rav link). It's made entirely out of plastic bags cut into strips and then crocheted together. Love it. It's certainly more fun than having your cats get into your cabinets to play with the plastic bags you keep forgetting to recycle.

Not that I'd know.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Have I ever mentioned that I am like, the queen of unrealistic dreams? I also grew up in the 90s and blatantly disregard comma rules sometimes. Ha!

Sometimes my unrealistic dreams relate to my writing, like the time where I was going to write a book and I was SO SURE I wrote a book and actually all I wrote was 10,000 words, because that's not a book. Wikipedia calls it a "novelette". I had no idea that word existed. Sometimes I make up awesome costumes in my head that I have no way of transferring into reality or even onto paper. I dream big; I just don't usually have a way to make those dreams actually happen.

I don't really know why wanting to knit a dress is an unrealistic dream. Maybe because I have a fear of fitted objects? I have established that I generally look okay in hats. Dresses are a whole 'nother story. If you make an ugly sweater, that's okay, because ugly sweaters are still functional. Nobody loves ugly dresses unless you're going to an ugly dress party, and I've never been invited to one.

Anyway, I think I'm sleep deprived, so let me get to the point. My unrealistic dream of the week is to knit Coco from Berroco (oh my gosh, do those rhyme? Awesome.). Only 4 people on Ravelry have made this dress. An unrealistic dream that's also an obscure challenge? Oh, it might be on. One day.