Sunday, June 6, 2010


Have I ever mentioned that I am like, the queen of unrealistic dreams? I also grew up in the 90s and blatantly disregard comma rules sometimes. Ha!

Sometimes my unrealistic dreams relate to my writing, like the time where I was going to write a book and I was SO SURE I wrote a book and actually all I wrote was 10,000 words, because that's not a book. Wikipedia calls it a "novelette". I had no idea that word existed. Sometimes I make up awesome costumes in my head that I have no way of transferring into reality or even onto paper. I dream big; I just don't usually have a way to make those dreams actually happen.

I don't really know why wanting to knit a dress is an unrealistic dream. Maybe because I have a fear of fitted objects? I have established that I generally look okay in hats. Dresses are a whole 'nother story. If you make an ugly sweater, that's okay, because ugly sweaters are still functional. Nobody loves ugly dresses unless you're going to an ugly dress party, and I've never been invited to one.

Anyway, I think I'm sleep deprived, so let me get to the point. My unrealistic dream of the week is to knit Coco from Berroco (oh my gosh, do those rhyme? Awesome.). Only 4 people on Ravelry have made this dress. An unrealistic dream that's also an obscure challenge? Oh, it might be on. One day.

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