Monday, September 29, 2008

Rust Goes Green #2 & An Ugly Afghan

After putting it off forever, I finally finished my second Rust Goes Green. Thankfully I have a really understanding boyfriend who isn't put off by my stash-busting or having a bag with pale blues and greens instead of manly browns or something like that. Unfortunately, I sewed the handle on wonky and it doesn't lie the way it's supposed to. Oops.


He likes it well enough, and I got rid of a good amount of stash. That sword of Damocles has been hanging over my head for a freaking month! (I consider it one of his early birthday presents.)

Someone also requested a picture of the World's Ugliest Stash-Busting Afghan, so I've complied. Actually, I think it's quite wonderful, but judge for yourself.


There are 7 yarns in it so far. I know where some of them are from; the others I haven't a clue. I am not looking forward to weaving in all the ends, though. Can't I just hire someone to do that for me?

Scratch that, I have a wedding to pay for.

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willo921 said...

Awesome!! I love the randomness of stash-busting! Is crochet growing on you or what? ;-)