Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Typical Holiday Project Post

The title says it all. In the beginning, I had dreams of making my mother queen-sized afghans and the ladies of my family reusable market bags. Scarves that didn't suck and weren't made out of yarn I didn't pick out and just wanted to use up. Hats that fit.

Ah, pipe dreams.

Instead, I'm being realistic and making a hat for my husband. Thankfully I've got him right here so I can plop the yarmulke on his head occasionally so I can see how I'm doing. I'm using Kathy North's Crochet Hat pattern in the large size (you may recall my hat -- same pattern). It's made out of Wool-Ease, which I've never used before. So far, I like it, but I had to go down to a G hook to get gauge, and it's stressing my arm a little. Then again, I started yesterday and don't really need to rush.

I haven't decided who's going to get the other thing I'm making. I'm on a bit of a Kathy North (Kathy North! Kathy North! Kathy North!) kick, so I've also started her Liquid Gold Chain Mesh Scarf in some Patons Brilliant. Ironically, I had to go up to a M hook to get gauge. I might frog it and start over, I don't know. This one isn't as crucial -- I haven't promised it to anyone and I can always give it to myself!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting scarf pattern, could use all kinds of yarn. The holidays always sneak up on me too, grand plans and never enough time!