Sunday, February 7, 2010

IWTMT: Cathedral Rose Window Afghan

I'm really making an attempt to make this IWTMT a weekly feature. I had to stop myself from posting six times yesterday, since it wasn't a new week yet. Some people shop from their stash; I shop from my Ravelry queue. (I can't believe I spelled queue right on the first try!)

This week's IWTMT is the Cathedral Rose Window Afghan from Annie's Attic. It's a crochet pattern that costs $6.99. You know me, I like free, but sometimes this stuff is worth the cost. I am seriously a color junkie. I love rich, saturated colors, specifically jewel tones. Therefore it should be no surprise to you that I also adore stained glass windows. My future house will have a chandelier and a stained glass window, I guarantee it.

That's the appeal of this crochet pattern. Crochet blankets work up pretty quickly, and you have your choice of just about ten million colors. The possibilities are endless. If I bought this pattern, every single one of my family members would have this afghan, even if I worked on nothing else my entire life. Is that obsessive? Oh, I don't care.

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phelpsvj said...

i have always dreamed of making this as day!