Sunday, February 21, 2010

IWTMT: Winter Twilight Mitts

Would you look at that! It appears to be Sunday again. You thought I'd forgotten about IWTMT. (And maybe I did, but then maybe I remembered -- not that I can confirm or deny the above statement. Maybe.)

Last week's IWTMT was a big, non-free crochet blanket pattern, so this week's goes completely in the opposite direction. It's a small, free knitting pattern for stranded colorwork mitts: the Winter Twilight Mitts. (Here's the Ravelry link.)

I am a huge fan of mitts. My hands are frequently cold, especially while I'm at the computer, and unfortunately they didn't make the Snuggie with glove attachments, so mitts are where it's at. They work up super-quick, and you don't have to worry about getting fiddly with fingers or anything like that. Since these are such a small project, they're also a great time to try stranded colorwork, a field to which I am a definite newbie. The color options are pretty much endless -- I've seen some beautiful examples on Ravelry made with handspun.

Hopefully you find some of my IWTMTs interesting. I can't wait to feature them here as finished objects! Until next time!

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