Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Summer Shawl Dilemma

I recently received an invitation to a friend's wedding, which will be held in August. Her wedding colors include lavender, and, despite my lack of wedding etiquette - I got married in my jeans in a field, after all - I immediately decided I was going to have a purple shawl at the wedding.

You'd think with my recently having done yarn inventory I'd know better what was in my stash, but I was all set to run out to the LYS and get some purple yarn. It's a good thing I didn't, for several reasons.

First, I already have AT LEAST two appropriate purple yarns in-stash. I've even taken pictures of them already. This is turning into a green hat phenomenon.



Second, these are wool yarns and this is an outdoor wedding. I would probably only wear this inside at the reception, but now I don't know if it would be too warm or not.

Third, I don't even have a dress yet. This probably should have been first on the list, but I am a knitter, so it's last.

I should probably get a dress and go from there. Good thing I have time.


Knititall said...

I love the color in the top picture. Who cares about too warm when it's pretty? ;)

Amy said...

If you knit a pattern on bigger needles, you'll get a lacier fabric that will be lighter even if it is warm. Both colorways are lovely.

Rachel said...

Oh wow, I have a bit of a purple fetish myself, and those yarns are delicious!