Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm a Winner!

I ended up winning one of the One World, One Heart giveaways and I just received my gift in the mail yesterday. I was so anxious and pleased for it to come, since I have very little of what I call "grown-up jewelry". I won Briana Tomlin's giveaway and she was gracious enough to send me the prize I preferred, a little pendant covered in words!

It arrived wrapped in a scrap of a Yukon map and a book page, which I absolutely love the thought of and would do myself if I could bear to rip my books up.

Since I'm not self-photographing well today (and can't figure out how to make my new haircut look as cute in pictures as it does in life), you get an "artistic" shot of me wearing my prize.


Isn't that so me?

By the way, there's still time to enter MY giveaway, since I'll be drawing the winner on March 12th. Please see this entry for details.


Erin said...

The pendant is really nice! I'm totally digging the haircut as well. It looks good on you! And tell the hubby I say hi :)

Amy said...

Your necklace looks so cool highlighted like that is your picture. I also won somethings from OWOH. I won a beaded bracelet and was an alternate winner for a dove coaster. I am going to put up a blog post later this week.

Fizix said...

What a great pendant! And I, too, love the idea of a map and book page being sent with it!

Knititall said...

The necklace is very cute! Cute hair and nice artistic pic :)