Sunday, February 27, 2011

IWTMT: Cabled Kindle Sleeve

You'll never guess what I got last week.

Wait, how did you guess it was a Kindle? Never mind, it's not important. Anyway, I was reading this blog post Tonks put up about getting a Kindle, and I started to think about getting one too. Hubs had asked me if I wanted one for Christmas, and I told him no. I have this bad tendency to say I don't want something for Christmas and then I want it a few months later (this has also happened with an iPod). Now, my birthday's not until May, but I started hinting pretty heavily and surprise surprise, I got it last Monday.

Hubs didn't get me a case, though, so I had to pony up for one myself -- and lemme tell you, getting a nice one isn't cheap. Why not knit one? Well, sure! Ravelry has a great listing for Kindle cases, and ironically I entered to win this Cabled iPad sleeve before I even knew I was getting the Kindle.

I didn't win, but haramis designs also offers a free Cabled Kindle Sleeve pattern (Rav). I think I would make a few modifications, though. I'm concerned about fibers getting into the device, so I would make it a smidge bigger and line it. Otherwise, it's quite nice as it is. :)


Amy said...

Congrats on your Kindle. The pattern looks like it would make a nice cover. I like your idea of lining it, too.

Lizz said...

I could certainly go for a Kindle - probably much easier than reading off an iPhone (which is what I currently do). Plus, it would lead to more fun and easy knitting projects.