Thursday, February 10, 2011

Conversation Starter: Cleanliness

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I never used to drink coffee, but I got this fancy coffee maker for Christmas that can make things like espressos and mochas and so here I am, sucking down a cup like I've been doing this for years. I go to work at noon so this morning time is useful for a lot of things. I could exercise, clean house, or work on my crafting. I still have to finish my Boneyard Shawl! But I won't work on it, because I'm drinking coffee.

I'm not a neat person, which is why I will probably never participate in those "what's on your workdesk" prompts. I do like to think I'm pretty clean, though, which is why I try really hard not to craft with food or drink around. (Plus I have cats. I think you can do the math.) I try to either wash my hands or use hand sanitizer before picking up my yarn. I freak out a little when I drop my yarn on the floor, although maybe it would help if I vacuumed once in a while.

I know it's not weird to be sensitive to people with sensitivities, but most of what I make is for myself! I know plenty of people who let their yarn roll around on the floor like it is their vacuum. (I only twitch a little on the outside.) Am I just some kind of nut, coming up with all these rules I must obey before I can craft? Do you think it limits spontaneity and fun, or is it a good habit to have?


Johanna said...

I am also a wash & dry my hands before working with my fiber or yarn person. I get almost crazy when someone walks into my workspace with food hands and tries to touch things. I do tend to have a cup of tea near me almost always but I usually put it on a table or desk that I am not using slightly out of the way so I can walk over and get a drink.

Fizix said...

I'm jealous of your coffee machine! We had to get rid of ours due to lack of counter space. Now we drink instant, which is enough to get you going.

I often keep my ball of yarn in a plastic bag. That way, if it falls on the floor, it won't pick up whatever is on that floor. :/

ikkinlala said...

I wash anything sticky off my hands before I pick up my yarn, but I'm not that concerned about it falling on the floor. We don't have indoor pets, though.

Maggi said...

I think it's a great habit to have although I admit I create best amidst the clutter. lol

Marlene said...

I don't necessarily wash my hands every time I pick up my yarn, but they are generally pretty clean anyway because I would have recently washed them. I do however use hand lotion nearly every time I pick up my yarn. My tension is very much effected by the moisture level of my hands. Too dry and my tension gets loose. Too moist and it gets tight. A bit of hand lotion rubbed in well makes my provide the right drag for perfect tension.

I don't let my yarn roll around on the floor even though we vacuum frequently. We have a long haired white dog and it seems her hair hides out waiting to jump on my WIP.

Knititall said...

Depends. I have a yarn bowl for my yarn and make sure my hands aren't sticky or oily or other things that are hard to wash out. But since I always wash and block the items before wearing, it doesn't matter so much.
But I don't think it's a bad habit! You can be cleanly and spontaneous ;)

Amy said...

Well, I am a public health nurse so am a little sensitive about germ issues. I do wash my hands before picking up a project. I keep yarn in something....project bag...while knitting with it. However, most of all, if I am making something for someone else, I do wash it and block it first. Oh, and if you took one look at my closet, you'd see I am most definitely not neat...just clean.