Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Conversation Starter: Do You ... ?

I'm going to attempt to make more interactive posts here. One, in the hopes that it will be more engaging to you, and two, because I want you to interact with me. It's shameless, I know.

As evidenced by my title, I think I'll call this a Conversation Starter. Feel free to comment with your own insights or to snag this for your own blog. (But I'd love a link back if you do.)

Do you weave in your ends before or after you block your piece? I tend to weave mine in first, just because I'm lazy and won't do it for months otherwise, but I haven't woven in the ends on my blocked Seed Stitch Scarf. I guess I do a little of both!

My reasoning tends to be that blocking will even out any poor weaving-in I've done. How about you?


Amy said...

I definitely weave in my ends before I block. Sometimes I even try to weave them in as I go along because I HATE, HATE having to "look forward" to weaving them in at the end when I am feeling I should just be done with the project. I also try to avoid having things to weave by planning enough yarn. Now, I did learn in my recent crochet class about easier ways to weave in at the ends of crochet rows. I like the things I learned; but they don't all translate to knitting.

Signgirl said...

I weave in my ends before blocking. I'd love to say that I was the type of person who works them in as she knits along, but I'm just not that organized. Sometimes I can't even wait for a shawl to finish drying before wearing it.

Jillsknit said...

I always try to do things the 3rd way. If there's a choice of 2 ways - I find another.
I weave in before I block but leave tails unclipped. That way when the blocking is done and the weaving ends have settled in I can trim the ends and they stay worked in much better and the chance of getting tails sticking out the front side are much less.

Knititall said...

I always weave in before blocking, but I don't cut the ends until afterwards when I see how the woven in end has settled. And it also means that I'm done after I've blocked it.