Sunday, January 30, 2011

IWTMT: Pathways Blanket

I'm beginning to think that blankets are my new socks.

If that makes no sense to you, do you remember when everyone was like "pink is the new black"? I don't know if anyone ever said that, but you've probably heard something similar. I said I'd never knit a pair of socks and I did; maybe bed-sized blankets are my new impossible. Theoretically one day I'll finish the crapghan, but that's not something I'm going to put out where company can see.

So what does a commitment-phobe like me need? Oh, I know! A blanket you can make in small increments. (We'll pretend that I would have the motivation to sew all the squares together. Shh. It's better when we pretend.) Frankie Brown's Ravelry-only pattern, Pathways Blanket, is really cool because the pattern totally depends on how you sew it together. If you'd prefer to see a blanket in action, check out Knitting Up A Storm's blog post. Now that's a blanket you can pull out when company comes over.

I would never be able to pick one pattern for this blanket. I guess I really did find my new socks.


Amy said...

Hmm...well I took five years to knit up a plain, boring garter stitch afghan for my husband. I finished it last year during the Olympics. I started in 2005 to knit one big piece because piecing together the squares I made for my son's afghan in 2004, when I first learned to knit seemed laborious. However, if I had to make my husband's again, I would definitely do squares and put them together. His blanket was so heavy and big and boring to knit, in the end. Oh, did I mention...when it was done, he wanted a few more inches on the top...keep hoping man! It will never happen in my lifetime. Done is done!

whoFilets said...

Hi! Got recommended by your sister.

I was anti-socks too. More than anti-blanket, because I always like patchwork blankets. But I am knitting socks RIGHT NOW (well, not as I type). I still can't sit down to a blanket though. Not a one-giant-piece blanket. But I have all these patchwork blanket ideas just ready to go in my head!!

Fizix said...

I love making blankets... But try to keep your patience! I have only crocheted blankets - which is faster for me. Good luck with the knitting!

ikkinlala said...

I love that blanket pattern and have been thinking about starting it for a while, but I cannot picture myself being motivated to weave in all the ends.

For the same reason, I find myself preferring cables to colourwork even though I love the one pair of stranded socks I've made.

Knititall said...

Blankets look great, but they seem like such huge projects I haven't had the courage to start one yet.