Sunday, January 2, 2011

IWMT: Knitted Felted Bowl with Bottom Welt

I emerged from my craft room yesterday bleary-eyed and a little overwhelmed. I had to stop counting at 140 partial/full skeins because I couldn't positively identify some Noro tidbits. It's basically all cataloged, though I'm missing my kitchen scale so I can't get exact amounts. I found my passport after two years in the void; why can't I find my kitchen scale?

You'd think I'd have plenty of ideas for projects after yesterday, but mostly I'm in a panic about all of my little scrap balls. I hate throwing things away that might prove to be useful later. Like, years later. Like, so many years later I've forgotten I have that useful thing and buy another one. Have I mentioned that I have three pairs of nail clippers?

(I'll have you know that I stopped writing this blog entry for 20+ minutes because I was distracted by patterns on Rav. You'd think I might stop procrastinating for a post I know is coming every week.)

As I mentioned above, I have a lot of little wool scraps. At first I thought I might spit-splice them and make the world's ugliest felted coaster, but it might match the world's ugliest afghan and we just can't have that, you know. I really do want to felt, and I really do want to make those dryer balls, but I can't justify buying new wool until I get some old wool out -- and how better to do that than to make some felted bowls? Plus I can throw in some of that novelty eyelash/fur yarn I have and use up some scraps there too. It took me a while to find a pattern I liked, but I settled on Deborah Gray's Knitted Felted Bowl with Bottom Welt (Rav). I'm not really sure what a bottom welt is, but I like the sturdy-looking construction.

I WILL felt one of these days. Let's just hope I can figure out what a bottom welt is by then.

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