Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weighing My Options

The last of my sweater swatches are soaking, so I've got 20 minutes to spare from multitasking at Farmville and write a blog post. I only ended up knitting 9; I knitted 3 from the first yarn, but quickly realized I couldn't find needles so I got lazy. However, this is totally science project material. I measured each swatch and got stitch AND row gauge pre-bath. My swatches are being washed and I'll remeasure them when I'm done to calculate changes, if any. Guys. I'm saying words like "calculate". At 9:05 on a Monday morning. This is srs bzns.

I'm doing all this, of course, so I can find the perfect yarn for my guild sweater. Once I determine the bestest yarn, I will call the store and say "please, can you hold all the rest of *yarn of choice* for my first sweater? I can be in to pick it up in what do you mean you sold it all ten minutes before I called? I am never swatching again."

The swatches are going to take a while to dry, so right now I am way more excited about the food scale. GUYS, MY HUSBAND FOUND MY OUR FOOD SCALE. This requires all capitals. Sure, I can measure out my daily snacks, and isn't that nice from a weight-loss perspective, but I get to weigh the yarn! I even weighed my swatches. Science fair, I'm telling you. Why didn't I know about knitting in middle school? My tri-fold foam board would have been covered in swatches and the name of my report would have been something like "Change in Vertical and Horizontal Knitting Gauge in Different Fabric Blends Post-Submersion" and the judges would have been like "whoo doggie, I don't understand this so let's send it to State" and then I would have been an eighth grade science nerd, as opposed to a literature nerd.

All this without caffeine in my system, ladies and gentlemen.

I think the point of this was yay, he found the food scale so I don't have to buy another one, so that saves me $20. Also, I get to weigh the yarn and decide if I want to live dangerously with my exact-yardage knowledge. Or if I just want to wuss out and felt it all. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Yay, scale treasure! I knew you'd find it once you realized that even the passport was located.

I'll be curious to know how the Great Swatch Experiment turns out, since I'm holding a smaller version myself. Does superwash even block? I dunno, but I will find out!

~ Trish, aka CodeMauler (SP) and QAGeek (Rav)

ETA: The posting security 'word' is dimhzat, which sounds like a knitting rpoject gone way wrong, LOL!

Knititall said...

Hehe, thanks for making me laugh, the image of the science fair is just too funny. Yay for swatching and scales, let us know how the swatches turn out.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I've ever seen you in a sweater...

Amy said...

Well, really, you should get much more than a science fair prize. How about a PhD? avennett AT verizon DOT net