Sunday, January 9, 2011

Actually Enjoying ... Swatching?

No, this isn't IWTMT. I'm sure I'll get to that eventually. Have I mentioned guild is working on sweaters this year? The only sweater-quantity I have in stash is Caron Simply Soft, so I bought four skeins of different yarns to swatch with. We won't get into the fact that I forgot to accommodate for swatching when figuring how many skeins I'd need vs. how many the store had in stock. Contrasting stripe by the boobs for the win.

In a somewhat surprising show of not-quite-waiting-until-the-last-minute, I began swatching today. (They're due Tuesday.) I'm planning on swatching each yarn with at least two different needle sizes. I have the four skeins I bought, plus two or 3 in stash I want to try, leaving me with potentially upward of 14 swatches.

And yet ... the first swatch. Elsebeth Lavold Favorite Wool. Size 6. Stockinette. It's just so lovely I don't even want to swatch any more.

I know I'll feel this about many of the other swatches. I must continue to swatch. If I had worn a wedding dress when I got married, surely I would have tried on more than one dress!

But it's so pretty right now I feel like I've found the one. Who would have ever thought I'd enjoy swatching?

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