Sunday, November 28, 2010

IWTMT: Wooly Dryer Balls

I found both of my essential oils this week and have really been getting back into using them. I have peppermint and lavender and like to add a drop to my hand lotion for a little aromatherapy pick-me-up. Another thing you can do with essential oils is add them to scrap white cotton and use them as dryer sheets. I use commercial dryer sheets right now, but I don't dry towels with them since it reduces their absorbency.

At first I figured I'd just knit little cloths and throw them in the dryer, but a quick search on Ravelry showed me something even more fun: Wooly Dryer Balls. You create a ball core of acrylic, then wrap it in wool and felt it -- dryer balls!

I don't have any light-colored wool right now, but I do have plenty of acrylic I could use. (I've heard that some white wools do not felt as completely as colored wools, and I would want white to reduce visible fuzz.) Add a few drops of essential oil, and this seems like the perfect laundry companion.

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