Thursday, November 18, 2010

In Progress: The World's Ugliest Stash-Busting Afghan

Thanks for sticking with me, anonymous readers! Here, have an entry with a picture.

Remember how over 2 years ago I learned how to crochet and I began the World's Ugliest Stash-Busting Afghan? When I started it, we had a queen-sized mattress. Now we have a king. This is going to take FOREVER, especially since I haven't made any charity hats and thus don't have a ton of scraps right now.

It's been kind of slow going, yeah. But this is the kind of project you commit yourself to. (Here's the post with the first picture I took of it. Progress was also made here.) I mean, I've been working on this thing longer than I've been married and it's only 41" long.


The last time you saw the blanket I'd just started the gray strip, so ... progress. That's the 'ghan on the king-sized bed. Amazingly it's wide enough that it shouldn't be a problem using it. I don't remember what measurements I was using previously, but now I'm using these for a king. According to that, a king blanket should be 108" by 100".

I don't know if my scrapghan is 108" wide, but I'm getting there with the length! I know I'll finish it ... one day ...

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