Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where Have You Been All My Life?

Let me be honest: I've lived in this apartment since June and we're not unpacked yet. There's plenty of stuff that we could probably use still in boxes in the attic. One of these things is our food scale, aka my yarn scale. Another is my passport in my maiden name. Haven't seen that one in a while.

Back in the last apartment I'd picked up a cheap fabric shaver as an impulse buy one day at Staples. (I know, right? Staples!) But I never used it. While unpacking a box I found the shaver and knew enough to put it in my craft room, but I didn't know if we had batteries for it. I was up in the attic a few weeks ago looking for something and I'd run across the pack of C batteries we had, leaving it there because we didn't have anything that needed C batteries anymore. Except, apparently, my fabric shaver.

Ta-da! I used it last night on my Amanda Hat, which was getting kind of fuzzy, and can I just say? Where have you been all my life, fabric shaver? Why did my parents never have one of you? You will make all my knits look better. I can take the pills off my shirts now.

I was so excited I cleaned out the little reservoir with a piece of toilet paper and brought it to show my husband. He didn't get it. He never gets it.

Poor guy.

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