Sunday, November 6, 2011

Like Finding Couch Money

I knew I kept my husband around for some reason.

He asked for a percentage complete on his scarf, and I told him it was at 70%, because I had done 10/14 message repeats. Then I found the halfway point on the scarf, folded it over, and said "I have that much left".

But looking at where I had stopped knitting versus how long the other half of the scarf was, it was clear I didn't have 4 repeats left. Uh-oh!

This is where good note-taking comes in handy. I'd written down 5 tally marks for each letter, and then on the LEFT of each letter, I'd made two more. I assumed this meant I'd done 7 repeats. Apparently it meant I did 5, and I'm weird? I don't really know.

I had my husband tally each letter as I rattled it off to him, and the first half of the scarf does, in fact, have 5 repeats instead of 7. I have no idea why I wrote down those extra two tally marks. Even though I'd been pretty good at keeping track on this half of the scarf, I was afraid I'd done two repeats, and then changed to a new page in my notebook and done several more, so we had to confirm how many repeats were on the second half (I was hoping I was up to 4).

After reading off a bunch of ones and zeroes the first time, my husband says "oh, why don't you just count off how many rows of letters there are?" (60 letters in 4 repeats/2 letters a row = 30 rows). Yep, I had 30 rows.

Why didn't he come up with that earlier?

Why did I make extra tally marks?

Why is zero such a weird word?

Can you believe I have 90% of this scarf knitted? It's like finding money in the couch! I mean, sure, I knew I knitted it, I just didn't realize how close to done I was.

(And how glad am I that I have one repeat left, not 3. Sweet!)

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