Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tales From the Yarn Store

At some point, I need to write up a post about how working at a yarn store rocks. That day is not today. However, I'd love to share this hilarious moment with you, and hope to make it a regular feature of the blog ... if you like it, of course!

Today was hoppin'. We had a lot of people from out of state. This one woman plops a ton of books and magazines onto the counter. "You going for all of this?" I ask her, and she confirms it. I ring it up and ask her if she wants to know the damage, which is almost $90 (!!!).

"My husband told me I can't bring any more yarn home," she says. "So I'm getting these instead!"

Classic. And so, so smart. Filing that into the back of the excuses folder!

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willo921 said...

LOL! that'll show him!