Sunday, December 12, 2010

IWTMT: Balaclava

In the good news category, I have acquired a new job. I no longer have to take public transportation to this job! However, I do have to walk home after the sun has gone down, and in Vermont in the winter that can be a little completely frigid. I have lovely wool hats and scarves to keep me warm, but a few nighttime walks have proven it's my face I have to worry about.

Enter the Balaclava pattern by Nanette Blanchard (Rav). There are plenty of great balaclava patterns out there, but the reason I chose this one is simple: there's a picture on the project page of it folded up and worn like a hat. Sold! (Except it's free.)

Fun side note: for many years I didn't know that baklava and balaclava were two different words. I just figured people were mispronouncing the food. Hee!

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