Friday, December 31, 2010

As Much As Possible

I've decided to make some crafting resolutions this year. It's a good thing I wrote them down in October, because otherwise I'd be scrambling last-minute as I usually do.

Have I mentioned that I haven't bought yarn since Tunbridge? October 3rd. 90 days. Basically 3 months. 25% of the YEAR. I just need you to validate the success of my yarn diet.

Anyway, I call these resolutions the "as much as possibles", since I won't beat myself up for not sticking to a solid plan.

As much as possible, in 2011 I will:

1. Not buy yarn.
I have a large stash and it's time to knit some of it up.

2. 1st in, 1st out. Since I know my chances of following 1 are very slim, I will continue in my quest to knit older yarns before newer yarns.

3. Craft for charity first. I'm fortunate to have all that I do. I can give back through my hobby.

4. Projects for others before myself. This one kills me a little. I'm a selfish crafter. My poor, patient husband now has the Binary Scarf that spans multiple years. What am I working on right now? Not his scarf. Naughty Jen. No new yarn for you.

5. 2 skeins a month. I belong to a stashdown group on Ravelry, and one of their challenges is 100 skeins in a year. While I'm sure I have the stash to sustain that challenge, realistically it ain't happening. But I think I can manage 2 skeins a month, if not more.

6. USE IT UP. Use it until you can't get any more use out of it. I've used as little as 12 yards of leftovers in my crapghan. It feels awesome to use it ALL up and not throw any away.

These are my goals for 2011. I am definitely the kind of person who likes to deprive herself. I'll almost buy something and then put it back and feel bad about it forever. And while material goods don't bring happiness, life is also too short to not enjoy it. So if my quality of life will be improved by buying some yarn or finishing something for me? Not gonna freak out. 2011 -- I'm ready for you.


Erin said...

Any of those could apply to me as well, so I've printed this post for the cover of my patterns notebook; thanks for the inspiration!

#4, by the way, gets much easier when you find out you're going to become an Auntie--with an added bonus: baby clothes can use up leftover small amounts, and they take less time! I'm a lucky girl, indeed (:

Summerland Cottage Studio said...

Hi Jen,

I LoVe this post !
I find it inspiring and so positive.
And though I haven't been playing with yarn lately, it applies to all mediums.
Thanks for sharing from your heart !