Thursday, April 7, 2011

On Being Stubborn

I worked a little on binding-off my Boneyard Shawl yesterday, and counted how many stitches I have left to bind-off. 120, in case you were wondering.

Why is it taking so long? Let me show you in pictorial form.


That? Besides that being what would happen if the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat met a spaghetti tree and made a baby, that is me not cutting my yarn. You can't even see the green section in that shot. I have to draw that small yarn animal through each and every stitch. More than once. I am not cutting the yarn because it's Kauni and I'm just. Not. Doing. It.

This, by the way, is called being stubborn. Apparently when two Cancers procreate and produce a Gemini, they should just let it loose in the woods because it will never ever listen to them. Or reason. Or shortcuts. Or anything. Obviously that bit of advice is too late for my mom and dad, but maybe it will help someone else out there.

After all, you're talking to the person who kept knitting a comfort shawl in Lion Brand Homespun even after she realized it was ribbed, and thus she had royally screwed up somewhere.


Look "stubborn" up in a dictionary and paste that picture in there to remind you.

I had previously calculated my Boneyard bind-off rate to be 3 stitches/hour, which means I have roughly a full work-week left. Despite my best efforts, my boss thinks I should actually do work stuff at work, which I don't understand. Kind of like how I don't understand why my parents wouldn't buy me that Pepto-pink New Beetle. I mean, I could never get in trouble and lie about it, because who else would have one of those?

I got them, though. I never got my license and they had to drive me around for years. Seriously, they should have just left me in the woods.

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