Sunday, April 24, 2011

IWTMT: Skalva

For my knitting guild, I am supposed to be knitting a sweater. I did gauge swatches. I bought the yarn. I am not knitting the sweater.

In my brilliance, it turns out many sweaters are knitted flat and then seamed together, and my swatch is in the round. I know I could just reswatch, but I did all that work. My swatch (oh, I never did finish blogging about swatches, did I?) measured 12 st/2 in and 14 rows/2 in in stockinette stitch. Now, it's easy to find patterns that are for 6 st/in, but not so much for 7 rows/in. Because believe me, I've tried. Apparently if I go down a needle size, by the way, my st/in count stays the same but I get 8 rows/in. Go figure.

Anyway, my gauge is weird, so I just searched Ravelry for pretty sweaters that I could theoretically knit in the round with a stitch gauge of 6 st/in. I was hoping for free, but nobody in their right mind writes that kind of pattern and just gives it to you. Alas.

I found a few options, but this week I'd like to highlight Skalva (Rav). This is a good pattern for if I feel like going insane and using the size 4 needles, since the pattern's row gauge is 33 rows/in, only 1 row off my own gauge. Plus it has pockets on the front, and I love pockets.

So it's not what I had in mind, but I have no mind left to design my own sweater, so.

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