Sunday, April 10, 2011

IWTMT: Granny's Cup Cozy

I'm aware that it's supposed to get to be 84 degrees in my corner of Vermont tomorrow. That's why this week's IWTMT doesn't make much sense. But it was just about a week and a half ago that I was stumbling down the road I work on, clutching a package and a cup of tea in the rain, hoping against hope that I didn't spill anything. Somehow I managed, but now I know why people actually make cup cozies. And now I want one.

I've also not mastered the granny square, which is why Kathy North's free Granny's Cup Cozy (Rav) pattern seems pretty perfect to me. After all, I don't have the desire to sew ten million granny squares together to make a blanket, but I could sew two together to make a cup cozy. Genius. Besides, it'll probably snow again on Tuesday.

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