Sunday, May 15, 2011

IWTMT: Sunflower Dish or Wash Cloth

According to Blogger, this is my 200th post. Good bloggers would have an awesome post planned out, or a giveaway, or at least something with pictures. Sorry, you happen to be stuck with me, and you should probably know better at this point!

I am not handy in the kitchen or in the garden. I tried to grow some lavender last year but it died. I guess you're supposed to take it out of the pot. I can boil a mean pot of water, though.

I guess my point is that I found a really cute pattern that transcends my inability to cook and garden and instead focuses on what I can do, which is crochet. The Sunflower Dish or Wash Cloth (Rav) is a great free pattern that will use up little bits of yarn, even if they're not sunflower colors. The designer suggests using cotton as they're meant to be dishcloths, but I would also consider using wool and making them hot pads. You could even felt them for extra protection.

Also, I love sunflowers. I know better than to try and grow sunflowers, but I'm pretty sure I could crochet one.

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