Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

I have apparently never blogged here on my birthday, so obviously that has to change. Happy birthday to me! I've been telling people I'm turning 24 again, but I am actually 25. I consider that a milestone! It's downhill to 30 from here.

For my birthday, I don't think I'll buy any new yarn. Shocking, right? I'm pretty comfortable where I am right now.

I'm going to the post office to send off my sister's birthday hat, and I started a new project over the weekend. It's Gaenor, which is a pattern I purchased back in October. It's also an IWTMT, so that's good! I'm using some stash yarn -- the mystery Peace of Fleece in Iolite that I got at Mystic Yarns last September. I still don't know if it's purple or blue. My original intent was that it would be a shawl to match a purple dress I'm wearing to a wedding, but even if it's too blue it'll look great with jeans!

My ironing board + bright sunlight makes for less-than-awesome shots, but I figured I'd give you an in-progress pic. I've done 5 increase repeats already and I love it. (Ignore all the white lifelines. I messed up and had to rip it out once. I ain't taking any more chances.)


Yeah, it looks really blue there. What do you think?

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