Sunday, June 5, 2011


As usual, I've put off making this post because I've been distracted by things like massages, X-Men movies, and Farmville. Not gonna lie to you. This is never high on my list of priorities. But I still love ya.

This week's IWTMT is actually inspired by one of the above things. Can you guess which one? I'm gonna give you a hint, it's not the massage.

Hubs and I saw X-Men: First Class today and rather enjoyed it. Let's not talk about continuity though, 'kay? Anyway, there's a scene where one of the characters is wearing a blue hat and I want to make it. I tried to find a picture, but basically no luck. It's either a seed stitch or moss stitch with a short ribbed bottom. (Fun fact: what's the difference between seed stitch and moss stitch? Seriously, I'm too lazy to look it up.) The reason I'm not linking any of the patterns that I found is because they don't match the top decreases.

So I figure maybe I'll branch out a little and figure out my own pattern. Except with green yarn, because damnit. Next post should be my sister's green hat, and she's not allowed to have a green hat if I don't. Mom says.

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Jaye said...

Omg. I haven't found anything else online about this hat! I renewed my obsession with this after rewatching it today on bluray. It's almost halfway between slouch hat and beanie. I don't know if the decrease is either ssk or k2tog or something else entirely. So frustrating! Lol
Also I think seed stitch and moss stitch are like autumn and fall.