Sunday, June 19, 2011

IWTMT: Vermont Shawl

A lot of the time I make fun of the fact that I live in Vermont. I mean, I'm from fancy-Connecticut (it's a subsection; check it out on a map). I stick my pinky out when I drink water. I pronounce my t-s. I get confused when cars stop to let me cross the street and when people I don't know smile and say hi. And I don't like the Red Sox.

Now that everyone in New England who reads this blog has violently unsubscribed, I do like Vermont well enough. It's very pretty. I went to college in Vermont. I got married in Vermont. I got my license in Vermont (June 9th!). Go nature.

Plus, I don't think Connecticut has any shawls named after it, and I want to make the Vermont Shawl, so I guess I have to be nice to the state. Since it's a Rav-only download, here's a blog post about it from the designer herself. That version is pink; the version on Rav is (obviously) green. The only color you're allowed to knit in Vermont, donchaknow.

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