Sunday, June 26, 2011

IWTMT: A Better Bucket

Once upon a time, I had a green bucket hat. I loved my bucket hat and wore it many places, including a middle school trip to Washington DC. My mother hated it. I think she still hates it, because it may be kicking around somewhere still.

Have I mentioned all the green yarn I have? As soon as my 4-week hiatus is up, I am so knitting a green hat for myself. Seriously. I'll knit 7.

I'll knit this Better Bucket hat, which is Ravelry-only but that's okay because I can SEW A BIG BUTTON ON IT. (I may have put that in all caps because I had iced coffee and soda today and there's a major crash coming in the next five minutes. Shh.) Buttons. Ooh.

Can't see the Rav page? Here. This person made a green one and it is awesome.

1 comment:

ktr said...

I remember your old bucket hat. :)

Looks like a nice project for when you can get to knitting again. Not sure about the button though...