Monday, July 11, 2011

Forgive Me, Hand

For I have sinned. Look, I managed the yarncraft hiatus for almost 3 weeks, but my mother-in-law visited us this weekend and we don't have cable, so what else was I going to do with her?

We went yarn shopping and I didn't buy anything. Does that get me any points?

We made felted dryer balls, and she used up some of my Simply Soft.

I led her completely astray on making some felted coasters because I've never felted anything but dryer balls before, but it was okay because we ripped it out during Inception.

But I couldn't have all these yarny pursuits for her and not help her out, so I maybe started a coaster with some of my bad handspun. It turns out it's probably going to be more like a hotpad, once I figure out how to felt it. And then I maybe started a coaster out of Noro scraps, but only so I could keep her company.

I did give her some of my stash. Does that get me any points either?

I'll stop again until next Sunday, when I expect to dye, spin and make some loom hats.

Forgive me, hand, but I'd do it all again. The time with my mother-in-law was worth it.

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