Sunday, July 3, 2011

IWTMT: Sparreholm

I am currently playing several games.

Game 1: My mother-in-law is visiting next weekend and she's staying in the craft room. Crap! Time to clean!

Game 2: Why have I not washed any of my cold-weather knits yet? It's July! Well, if I wash them and lay them out to dry in the craft room, they should be done by the time she gets here.

Game 3: Oh, is it Sunday again?

I've been looking through a lot of my knitting books again while I'm on hiatus. (Does anyone know what day this is? I have no idea. Have I made it to 2 weeks yet?) I have a really bad habit of buying pattern books and -- well -- not making anything in them. I have 22 pattern books in my Rav library and by my count, I've made something out of a whopping 5 of them. And at least two of them were dishcloths.

Approximately a billion years ago I bought a Noro book. Looking through the book again, I've decided I want to make Sparreholm (Rav link). It's in Silk Garden, which is pretty easily attainable at my LYS. It's a vest, which may help me build my way up to a sweater. (We're going to pretend I don't have a sweater-quantity of yarn already.) It's Noro. It may flatter my figure if I ever lose some weight -- which I might by the time I actually get around to knitting this. Who knows?

Don't have the book or can't see Rav? Check out Chocolate A Chuva's post on it. Ugh. Gorgeous.

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Anonymous said...

I know why you haven't washed your woolies. It's because it's VERMONT. and It's COLD. I have yet to completely put away my wool... ;-) Have fun with all your cleaning - oh my!