Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hooray for holidays!

Did you know that this weekend is a sales tax holiday in Vermont? (Did you even know I was in Vermont? Because I am.) All items under $2000 bought for personal use are sales tax free! Sweet!

I've finished two of my afghan squares. ("Finished" meaning "I haven't sewn in the ends yet" but who actually does that until they have to?) I'm guess that I'll get three to a skein of yarn. I made my boyfriend do out the math, and at minimum, this thing will have 80 squares. (Let's say 90 because I'm crocheting smaller than I was at first. Don't ask; it involves frogging.) If I'd been a smart girl, I would have figured this all out weeks ago (nevermind that I didn't crochet weeks ago) and figured out exactly how much yarn to purchase and do it all this weekend. Because that's like, 30 skeins of yarn. At $3 a pop. Minimum. That's like, a gallon of gas in sales tax. Just for the afghan. And you know I'd find a way to spend more money on yarn with no actual thought-of purpose.

If I'd been smart, anyway.

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