Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Impulse buy? What impulse buy?

I just got a rebate check from school (haha! I don't owe them money!), and having wisely accepted that I'll need to use most of it for rent, I decided it wouldn't hurt to go get more yarn. Since, of course, yarn trumps food and other life necessities.

Why? Because I want to make an afghan. I think these are famous last words, by the way.

Yes, I already have lots o'acrylic in my stash, but it's variegated and doesn't exactly go with the other variegated acrylic I have, so unless I want the world's ugliest afghan, I must start anew. I went with Vanna's Choice from Lion Brand in colorways Olive and Colonial Blue, since they were the two nicest I saw.

I also found a colorway of Patons Rumor on sale for $2, so of course I grabbed it. It's rainbow! (Okay, technically it's called Moonstone Heather.) I have a problem. I like rainbowy yarn, especially when it's cheap.

I'll probably be updating again in a few days with a picture update on the comfort shawl, as well as a surprise swatch! (What have I learned to do and what does it have to do with seafoam green yarn? Find out next time!)

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