Tuesday, July 15, 2008

To Give or Not To Give?

Ah, now I remember why I rarely make people gifts. I'm selfish. No sense beating around the bush. I buy yarn that I think is pretty. I don't want to give it up!

I have made some gifts for people that I was fine giving up. In these cases, I chose the yarn with them in mind or it was made out of yarn that I hadn't bought, so it was okay. But right now I'm re-purposing something that I'd originally made for myself as a gift for someone else. (I'm on a budget and a deadline here.) The first one I'm okay giving away, but I decided one wasn't enough, so I made her another one ... and I want it!

I can make another one for myself. It's nice to be nice. (And it's not nice to be cryptic, but you can see pictures once her birthday is over.)

I think I missed a lesson in kindergarten.

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