Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Second Hat!

Once upon a really long time ago (hey, I'm young, four years is long) I learned how to knit, grabbed a pair of needles, grabbed a pattern, grabbed a yarn and made a hat that fit. Don't ask me how. I think the fiber arts gods were on vacation that week. Other than an utterly failed attempt at making another one for my sister, I haven't made a hat or hat-like object since, despite having Calorimetry queued for ages. (Holy gods, is that word impossible to spell.) What can I say, I'm afraid of doing something I haven't done before, no matter how cool the outcome.

On the plus side, I found my Klutz book yesterday. It was on the bookshelf underneath a shower caddy. Don't ask, I don't get it either. I finished the hat pattern in it in a few hours (less than five). I love it. I love that it was easy but looks cute. I love the yarn and wish I knew more about it, other than that it's 100% viscose, made in China, and 2.5 oz/71 g. (It came with the book.) No yardage or anything, but I was crocheting on gauge (yes, I swatched it out!) and the book says it uses 115 yards of DK yarn, so that's definitely a one skein wonder.


Ignore the dumb look on my face, by the way. I wear glasses, but I took them off in case it made for a better picture, and trying to take a picture of yourself by looking at the reflection of the viewfinder in your mirror is hard enough when you're not horribly near-sighted.

It's a little long on me, but I don't care because it covers my ears better and I think I look cute. (Plus, there is no way I'm going back and frogging any of it. My ends are woven in. Do you know how rare that is?) In the meantime, I'm looking for hat-appropriate DK yarns so I can make one for my sister and cousin. I'm open to all suggestions, but I know my sis doesn't do well with wool or angora. Ideally, I could do it in a worsted weight, but ... I'm scared of trying to figure that out. Do I get gauge and hope the bigger yarn doesn't make it too much bigger? I know people have made this hat with like, Simply Soft, so maybe I'll suck it up and ask them. I would gladly own ten of these hats.

Also, if you're here from Post Mortem, hi! I've got an ego-boost now, even though I think we may have turned into those people who read each other's blogs to boost reading stats. Not like I care.

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