Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Yarn Pyro

So I had this really great blog for you guys. It involved a mystery yarn out of my stash, and pictures, and a burn test video! It was going to be like a murder-mystery party!

And then I went and figured out what it was all on my own. Boo.

Three or four years ago, when I first learned how to knit, I went to Stitchy Women and bought the neatest yarn ever. It was pink and fuzzy. I loved it.


I didn't do anything with it. Well, I made an iPod case. But otherwise I didn't want to waste it when I knew it was waiting for a time when I'd have the skill to make it into something cooler than an iPod case. Like a hat! Or wrist warmers. But because I was a fool, I didn't keep the ball band. Years later, I had no clue what I had, or even how much I had.

I decided to be smart and use the scientific method. I did a WPI test. I got 6 wraps per inch, making it bulky. I did a burn test. All that really accomplished was my boyfriend saying "cool!" and me using a metal nail file to scrape the remains off my sink. But I took a video, and so you can watch that.

Look, I am such a cool blogger I make videos for you. (Things learned, by the way: never let your boyfriend be the last one to use the lighter.) Results? Inconclusive.

So I went online. I plugged in as much info as I thought I had to the Yarndex. Nada. I went on Ravelry, joined the Mystery Yarn group, and made a post. In order to amuse myself until somebody came and magically knew the answer to my question, I went looking through the yarn index on Rav, which I had just learned existed (well, or at least had learned how to navigate better). I slogged through 30+ pages. Amazingly, I found a yarn that looked like my yarn ... but it wasn't. My yarn wasn't variegated and this one was. I went to the manufacturer's page anyway and took a closer look. Nope. Wasn't that.

But on a hunch, I clicked through the rest of their yarns. When I got to the last one, I went "that's it." Except it didn't show up in the color I had. I went back on Rav, plugged it in, and took a look at everyone's stashes. Still none in my color, but I suppose that doesn't mean much, because if that isn't my yarn, I'll eat my hat. (Not my new hat, I like that one.)

By the way, I apparently don't know how to do WPI correctly, since according to Rav it's a DK at 11 WPI, not my measly 6. I knew there was a reason I didn't major in math.

So, ladies and gents, once upon a time ago, I'm pretty sure I bought Catnap by Artfibers. Ta-da!

Please don't be too disappointed that I took away the fun mystery from you. If you think I'm wrong, feel free to keep up the sleuthing! But for now, I'm going to gloat and feel like yarn's version of Sherlock Holmes.


shelly said...

laughing at the video. i was with you today in the paranoid and postmortem balb chat site. funny you are in rutland. I hate UVM! started medical school there. sucked. butthe green mountains are beautiful!

shelly said...

i have yet to figure out how to post videos to blogs..