Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Time for some changes!

I've been thinking that the blog needs a new name for a while now. I mean, you read "Nitzie's Nutty Knitting Blog" and maybe you think I'm crazy. Or that I only knit (untrue). It's kind of limiting, actually. I mean, what if I branch out into scrapbooking or something? Ain't no way I'm making a new blog for that. I have enough trouble updating this one.

Part of the trouble is coming up with a new name -- after all, you see what a bang-up job I did the first time around. I'm the kind of kid who came up with the dorkiest names for bands, like the time the Northeast had a huge power outage and I decided "Niagra Blackout" was a good name for a band. (Well, I think it is, but maybe not for the blog.) I have difficulty titling poems too. Ugh. Anyway, at some point this name is outta here. I plan on keeping the URL the same, just because I'm lazy.

Anyway, suggestions are much appreciated. I started brainstorming, but all I could come up with was Panopticon, and no wonder it sounds familiar, it's already a crafting blog. I don't even have the guts to plagiarize consciously. Maybe I'll just steal a line from one of my poems, and then no one would have any clue what kind of blog this is.

I finished a hat.


Pattern: Ann Budd's Basic Hat pattern for a 20" head circumference at a gauge of 4 st/inch
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft, blue & gray (probably Country Blue or Dark Country Blue and Grey Heather) held together, less than one skein each (I can't find the scale to measure)
Needles: Boye interchangeable set, size US 9 for ribbing, 10 for the body; Takumi Clover DPN set, size 10 for decreases
Timeline: 11.14.09-12.7.09
Modifications: I accidentally knitting the ribbing to 3" instead of 2". But we'll get into that.

Opinion: The third basic hat I've made. I think it's a great pattern to use, especially for these charity hats I'm making.

Random Thoughts: You know, you think that by the time you've done something twice already, you might think "hey, maybe I should read the instructions real carefully just in case" but no, I'm just an idiot who likes to go full steam ahead. I started the thing in k2p2 rib, which seemed fine until it was done and fit on my husband's head. Yeah, not made for his big melon. I ended up ripping the ribbing and reknitting it, which was something I'd never done before -- usually when I rip, I rip from the top so all the stitches are oriented the same way. I think it looks fine, especially since the ribbing will probably be folded up anyway. Of course, having already made the first mistake, I then knit the ribbing to 3" instead of the book's recommended 2". In my defense, I'd originally thought I was supposed to knit it to 7". Did I mention that I have some awful reading comprehension? (Or lack of reading the pattern at all.) It seems like it will fit someone, at the very least. I figure they will find a head for it.

Oh, by the way, this is Sally's blog debut! I am seriously hoping Sally is just small-headed and the hat isn't like bag-sized. I still need to wash it; maybe that will help.

Poor kid who gets it. I'll probably do better next time.

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