Sunday, December 20, 2009

Finished Objects: Azapa Scarves

Azapa scarves are done! (Well, okay, they were done a few days ago but I was too lazy to get the pictures up.) In time for both Hanukkah and the recent cold snap we had -- the morning after I gave them, we were in the single digits!

Pattern: Pattern, what pattern? Seriously, I cast on 28 stitches using the long-tail method, knit 3 rows, *knit 3 purl 22 knit 3, knit across*, repeated from ** until it was long enough, then knitted 3 rows. Easy!
Yarn: Araucania Azapa in color #819 Malted Cocoa, I couldn't even begin to tell you! 3+ skeins for both scarves.
Needles: Boye interchangeable set, size US 9 & Susan Bates 14" size US
Timeline: 11.1.09-12.13.09
Modifications: Well, I made up the pattern!

Opinion: Azapa continues to impress me as a yarn. It blocked quite nicely. I originally knitted the scarves to about 60" x 7", and they blocked to about 78" x 8".

Random Thoughts: If doing this again, I would probably alternate skeins from the beginning of the project. The skeins are different enough that it's tough to get an exact match. Some of them had a lot more red than the others, for example.

Also, I can't tell them apart!


Scarf #1.


Scarf #2 ... I think.

Oh, and guess what I learned how to do?


I was just playing with practicing, so it has no actual pattern or anything, but I'm impressed with myself! I used two great videos from YouTube to teach myself how to knit with a strand in each hand: this Knitting Daily clip with Eunny Jang (who I may officially have a knitting crush on) and this video from KnitPicks.

Now if only I could find where the heck I put the Binary Scarf pattern!

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