Friday, September 23, 2011

The Best Season

Well, today is the "official" start of fall, even though we've been swinging between 60 and 80 degrees for a while here in Vermont. For any of us who have put down our hooks and needles for the summer, now is the time to pick them back up again!

The Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival is next weekend and I can. Not. Wait. I was talking with the friend I'm going with the other day, and we were joking about how some girls get their hair and nails done, but we go walk around in mud and look at sheep. I am working 13 days in a row before Sheep & Wool, so I need this break!

Of course, I haven't touched the Binary Scarf since I mentioned I had to work on it. It's all this working! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. I've been mooning after yarn for the Stained Glass Window Afghan. It's looking like I'll be able to make it for under $30, which? Is awesome. (Yes, I have a degree in English and I'm mangling my sentences. It's intentional.) But I am definitely not buying that yarn until I have a) gone to Sheep & Wool, b) destashed at least a little more, and c) theoretically worked on the Binary Scarf. Actually, I'm looking at a 2012 purchase date. We'll see.

Before I dash off (not to work on the Binary Scarf -- too early!), I'd like to mention a charity hat drive. My friend (see above) told me about a child in Connecticut who recently had 3 tumors removed from his brain. His family is organizing a charity hat drive for the Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital. The event is called Pat Pat's Hats (I believe you have to belong to Facebook to see the event & RSVP). What's nice about this hat drive is that they are taking hats made out of all kinds of fibers, not just acrylic. Check out the Facebook page and please consider donating a hat. I made a lot of loom hats, and I've already decided that any that don't sell will be donated. If you are in Vermont, I am willing to collect hats and ship them down. After all, it's time those hooks and needles got busy again!

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