Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lady Greenskeins

Okay, at first the green hat thing was a joke. I like hat quantities of worsted weight green yarn, I've never made a green hat despite all this yarn, ha ha ha.

So I got serious about it. I bought some hat patterns. I even started mentally assigning the yarn to the pattern. "Okay, Wonderfully Wooly, you're going to be a Koolhaas, and Kathmandu Aran, I think you'll be a Habitat! No, you can't switch bunks, sheesh."

And then I started to stray. All of a sudden maybe the Wonderfully Wooly wanted to be a Seedling instead, and who was I to stifle its creativity? I had yellow WW too; it could still be a Koolhaas.

Man, was I going to have a lot of hats.

And then my sister wanted a worsted weight green hat, so she got one. And maybe since then, I've gone a little crazy.

Last night I lay in bed at 12:30, tossing and turning. I swear to god, green hats were tossing and turning in my mind's eye like some knitterly version of the twister from The Wizard of Oz. They were mocking me, mocking my plans for them and mocking all the other projects I should finish first before I start them. They were mocking my knitting hiatus. They were mocking my love of green yarn. I literally couldn't sleep. It was pretty bad.

I finally fell asleep at one-something after I went on Ravelry and looked up bracelets. Don't ask.

I still don't have a plan for that single skein of green yarn I bought at the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival. Maybe I'll dream about that one tonight.

(Yes, the blog title is a play on Greensleeves. Yes, I'm a dork. No, no one's written a song about me ... yet.)

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Maggi said...

Oh boy, this sounds like me every night. Obsessively dreaming of patterns and yarn et al. lol Love the title of this post BTW!