Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ones and Zeroes and Zeroes and Ones

I've actually been working on the Binary Scarf -- stop the presses. Last night I finished the first repeat of two letters after I'd ripped out & picked up the stitches on the 18th, so I carefully counted my stitches and made sure the letters matched up.

Which they didn't.

I cried a little. I may have considered putting it back in the naughty bag. But it was all my fault, really. My Binary Scarf actually has a message in it, which means I have to be very careful that it says what it ought to! My problem was not paying enough attention. Part of my message goes N (space) L. What does that look like in binary?


Do you see the problem? The N and the L are ONE digit apart. When I'd knit it originally, it was fine (I'd put the zero), but reknitting it I misread and thought I needed to knit N (space), not (space) L. Hence I knitted it as a one, assuming I'd messed up on the original row and I'd duplicate stitch after I was done.

Well, that's what you get for taking a year off, I guess. I managed to calm myself by saying a few things:

1. Just duplicate stitch it like you were planning to. You don't have to rip it.
2. This is your first stranded colorwork project ever. The numbers aren't random, they say something! This is a huge undertaking and it's really impressive.
3. It's wool, not acylic, so your mess-ups will theoretically block out.

And you know what? I came to peace with my screw-up, and I've been vigilantly paying attention ever since. I'm almost to the end of my second repeat of 7 for this side. I hate to jinx it but -- this scarf might even be done for Christmas.

That would be good. I don't intend to make this a three-year scarf. And for my next colorwork project? I'm thinking not a scarf.

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