Thursday, March 4, 2010

Field Trip!

So, some fun news. The Marble Valley Knitting Guild of which I am a part is organizing a visit to Green Mountain Spinnery in Putney Vermont. It's set for March 26th, which is a work day, but through some serious begging and willingness to take on extra shifts, I have the day off and I get to go! I'm very excited and have been trying to sock away some money to take with me.

Of course, I consider myself to be on a yarn diet right now, but a trip to a spinnery is a special occasion. Maybe there will be a wonderful sale. Maybe I'll be able to buy sweater quantity. Maybe I'll even make a sweater.

I'll bring my camera.

In other news, I finished knitting another charity hat. I've decided my goal is twelve this year, or basically one a month. I finished two in late 2009, and have finished two this year, so that puts me up to 4 hats made. So I'm one above my "one a month" goal, if that makes sense. Let's hope I can keep up my motivation.

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