Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Finished Object: Amanda Hat #2 ... #1?

So while my sister's birthday isn't until tomorrow, the USPS and her school's mailroom came through and she got her package today. She also opened it today, which means I get to blog about it a day early. (Happy almost-22nd, sis.)

You may recall my sister's 21st birthday in London last year, where I made her a Noro Striped Scarf and sending it to England was expensive and nail-biting. But she liked it, which means she's doomed herself to receive handmade gifts from here until eternity. I have made a promise to myself that they won't suck or be ugly, though. I think that's fair.

This year my LYS bought out the inventory of another store, which involved some Malabrigo. I had originally thought about making my sis some armwarmers, but then I found the Amanda Hat pattern and decided that was much more practical from a pilling standpoint. So I made her the hat. In fact, I made it super-early in February and then told myself I'd make her something out of the remaining yarn, which never happened, and as a consequence I only mailed this thing out a week ago. I am officially a big fan of the USPS, who gets stuff where it's going on time for not a lot of money. Thanks, USPS.

And now, sis' Amanda Hat (as modeled by me):


Because my sister and I are two years apart and were dressed alike as children, I also felt compelled to make my own Amanda Hat, which you've probably seen since I could actually post pictures of that one. In case you've forgotten, or just want to laugh at my under-eye circles, I'll post it again.


(The first picture is so much more flattering.)

Pattern: The Amanda Hat (PDF file) by Gina House of Sleepy Eyes Knitting.
Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted in colorway Bijou Blue, about half a skein.
Needles: Boye interchangeable set, size US 9 & Clover bamboo DPNs, size US 9
Timeline: 2.2.10-2.9.10
Modifications: This is the peril of blogging about something a month and a half after you made it. I think I cut out the suggested garter stitch rows so it wouldn't be quite as big.

Opinion: I've made this hat twice now, and would make it again.

Random Thoughts: I learned from my sis' hat. I knit mine on slightly smaller needles. I think you can tell from the pictures that the red one is a bit shorter. (Both of those pics are pre-washing. I've since washed/blocked the blue one but not the red one.) She has more hair than I do though, so I guess it all works out.

Phew. Two successful birthday presents. I am going to fail epically next year, I just know it.

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