Monday, July 19, 2010

Friday Night Knit

Well, it was knitting and spinning. No one brought their crochet hooks, though I thought about it. It poured at six o'clock, but we were still on! I didn't actually count, but I think we had between eight and ten crafters at all times. Not too shabby.

Most of us were knitting, but our guild president was the big draw. Everybody wanted to know "how do you do that?" Me too! (Thanks for letting me put you on the blog!)


I ended up bringing my sock. I got a lot of work done! On that note, it's hard to take a flattering picture from this angle.


In fact ... I was even in the paper. Picture 11 is the flattering one. That's what I get for knowing/heckling the photographer, I guess! Kids, don't sit like that while someone's taking your picture. You look dumb. I'd know.

Being in the paper (and the subsequent recognition from everyone I know - I didn't realize that many people still read the paper) shamed me into finishing that sock! Rather than suffer from second sock syndrome, I cast on for the second sock this morning. I figure I'll knit them both and then do the afterthought heels. If I get lazy, they can be tube socks.

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