Sunday, July 4, 2010

IWTMT: Warm Up America

This week's IWTMT will be a little bit different. My original intent was to find an American flag afghan in honor of the holiday. As I sat here in my shorts and a tank top, looking at the weather forecast for tomorrow (94 degrees), I decided maybe an afghan wasn't the best project to express an interest in right now.

Instead, I'm going to highlight the Warm Up America Foundation. Maybe making a whole blanket is a little warm for the summer, but I know you can handle a little rectangle! Warm Up America is a group I didn't know that much about until today. While it's a national group, great emphasis is put on doing things locally: joining together afghan squares with a group as well as distributing finished blankets to churches/hospitals/shelters in your neighborhood. If you can't find any local support, Warm Up America also accepts individual afghan blocks knitted or crocheted to be 7" by 9". They even offer patterns in case you need a little inspiration.

Lately I've been using up my scrap yarn in charity hats, but I love this idea as well. I'll let you poke around their website, but here's the direct link on how you can help. It may be 94 degrees tomorrow, but I'd love to Warm Up America!

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