Sunday, July 11, 2010

IWTMT: Shoulderette

This week's IWTMT might seem a little funny, considering last week we were busy having a heat wave, but I don't claim to make sense. In fact, I'm just thankful I started writing this before 11 PM on a Sunday.

I'm one of those people that's always just a little bit cold (except in heat waves). I have tons of sweatshirts, but I'm also vain and don't like messing up my hair. Only one is zip-up, and that's the very grown-up Mickey Mouse print I got at Epcot. Consequently, I look like I'm five. A lot. (I'm not five.)

Last October, when my cousin got married, I considered making a shrug. This normally would have been a great idea, except I considered it about two days before she tied the knot. I am not a fast knitter.

Shoulderette (Rav link) seems like one of those things you can take your time with. Sure, the instructions are a little vague, but sometimes it's good to have a challenge. I love the little lace details. This would be fun to have for a special occasion or just going to the movies. Maybe they'd stop asking for my ID!

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