Monday, October 18, 2010

Sell The Stash: How To Lose Money

Last week I had a lovely gal contact me on Ravelry looking to buy my lone skein of Patons Rumor in Moonstone Heather. Since it was an impulse buy that had sat around for probably two years, I was more than happy to send it off to her. We agreed on $7, which included shipping.

Generally, I don't have shipping materials at home since I mail things so infrequently. I took this opportunity to stock up. I bought an envelope, packing tape and freezer bags (for rain protection -- just in case!) at the store. I spent $5.44 getting materials. Shipping was $1.73.

In case you're about as good at math as I am, I lost 17 cents on that transaction.

Things I have learned:

1. I need to charge more for shipping.

... yeah, I think that was the extent of my life lesson there.

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