Saturday, June 25, 2011

FO: Gaenor

Gaenor is off the blocking board, folks. The beauty of this shawl is going to have to last me 23 more days, because I believe today is day 5 of the yarncraft hiatus.

First off, Gaenor was an IWTMT back in October, so go me for actually making something from a pattern I bought.

Pattern: Gaenor (duh) or on Ravelry
Yarn: That random skein of Peace of Fleece Hand-Dyed Sock Yarn Semi-Solids in the Iolite colorway that I picked up at Mystic River Yarns in Mystic CT. I can't seem to find any info online on the dyer. It is supposed to be 100 grams, but mine was only 98. Of the 98 grams, my shawl used 94, or approximately 399.5 yards.
Needles: US size 6 on my Boye interchangeable set
Timeline: 5.28.11-6.15.11


Opinions: This pattern was 100% worth the purchase for many reasons. It's very easily adaptable to any yarn, as long as you are able to measure your skein. You start and end with 2 stitches. The lace pattern is very simple for beginners but very pretty. It really does work well with variegated yarn. And it has both written and charted instructions, which is awesome for a chart-hater like me. I really enjoyed this project and would like to make the shawl again in a different yarn.

My shawl grew from approximately 42" x 17.5 to 51" x 22". Not bad.



Random Thoughts: Lifelines. Always use them. Even on the last repeat. Because I debated not putting the last one in, and I ended up needing it.
I still have no idea if my shawl is blue, purple or indigo. I don't really understand what indigo is. I'm leaning towards blue.
If it is blue, I'm still wearing it to the wedding even though my dress is purple and my shoes are turquoise.
I do not look good in the bib style.


Nor do I look good in the babushka style. Live and learn.

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Kellie said...

Very pretty. It brings out your eyes! :-)